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Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Limited specialises in finding, securing and developing the best farm and forest opportunities on behalf of investors and overseas clients.
Our role is to manage and administer our clients investments. We find the best farm and forest properties that are available. We engage independent expert consultants to produce feasibilities, cash flows, and valuations. We provide management and administration services, and ensure that the investment is transparent, fully accountable and measurable by providing detailed monthly operating financial information to owners.
All investments are backed by the security of land ownership.          New Zealand's Competitive Advantage

New Zealand Dairy Farming - Scale and Efficiency

With global dairy product demand expected to double in the next 25 years New Zealand is ideally placed to meet this increased demand with our low cost, grass based farming systems. The dairy industry utilises advanced technologies and meets strict  quality standards to produce some of the worlds best dairy products. Last year New Zealand supplied dairy based products to over 140 countries.


With the projected increase in future world demand for dairy products, now is the time to invest in a New Zealand dairy farm to profit from this increased demand.

Forestry - The Green Investment that keeps on Growing

When you invest in forestry, you invest in the future. With the world's supply of renewable resources diminishing, the outlook for forestry investment is positive. With over 30 years’ experience and 28,000 ha of forests under management for over 2500 investors, Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Limited is a name you can rely on.


With ever increasing global demand for timber products and a diminishing supply, an investment in forestry is a secure and sustainable way to grow your wealth. 

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Latest Investment Options

EASTBOURNE DAIRY FARM LIMITED - 242 hectares of prime dairy country milking 520 cows in Southland

An opportunity exists to invest in Eastbourne Dairy Farm Limited which owns and operates a 242.1 hectare dairy farm and adjacent grazing run off located in the Thornbury district of Southland, 25 km northwest of Invercargill.

Thornbury is a well known and proven dairy area in Southland with a reliable climate and good soils.

The property has been well farmed. No new capital expenditure is required other than annual repairs and maintenance. There are three houses on the property.

Eastbourne Dairy Farm will use a pasture based farming system, relying on minimum input from off farm supplements.

Eastbourne Dairy Farm has purchased a high quality 520 cow herd capable of meeting the farm's production targets.

Production is forecast to increase with no significant changes to farm operating expenses.

Fertile, Easy Contour: The layout is flat to gentle contour, with good permanent electric fencing and regular fertiliser history.

June 2014 update

Roger visited the Eastbourne Diary Farm in early June to ensure that the takeover of the property went as planned and was pleased with the way the farm was looking. Southland has had a very mild autumn so far and as a result we are still seeing strong pasture growth which can only benefit the winter feed supply.

Subscriptions are going well for Eastbourne Dairy Farm Limited, at the time of writing. Investments range from the minimum of $25,000 up to $1million.

Eastbourne Dairy Farm Limited is offered as a Limited Company. More Information

SECONDARY MARKET SHARES - Investments from $15,000 to $200,000

With over 2500 Investors, we have shares in our established farms and forests for sale. These forests range from 8 to 15 years to harvest - see our current shares for sale.

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Eastbourne Dairy Farm Investment
New Zealand Forestry Overview - 8 min

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China is the largest importer of logs in the world and although the log shipments to the country slowed in the 4Q of last year, import volumes hit a record high in 2014, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

China’s thirst for imported dairy products will expand over the next five years to equate to New Zealand’s entire annual production, Agrifax senior dairy analyst Susan Kilsby says.

India is unique. It is the planet’s largest democracy and within ten years should be the world’s most populous country. India exists as an amalgamation of cultures, languages, religions, poverty and wealth,

In-market log prices have stabilised in China, with A-grade log prices currently sitting at US$125/JAS, up from US$120/ JAS a month ago. Agrifax’s average for the past month is US$123/JAS, which reflects the fact that prices fell lower during the month, but have now bumped back up.

New Zealand is now the world’s largest supplier of softwood logs with exports increasing fourfold to almost two billion dollars in five years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly

Client Testimonials

"Our experience with Roger Dickie (NZ) has been very positive. We are impressed with the professionalism and integrity of both the company and Roger Dickie personally. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending this company to other potential forestry investors. "
Thomas J Paulus

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